7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Oral Essentials Products

They work

The hydrating formula by Oral Essentials has been shown to be MORE effective than Biotene for relieving dry mouth. This is especially helpful in Texas, as many of us suffer from allergies all year round. Antihistamines can relieve us of the annoying symptoms of ragweed and mountain cedar but leave many of us with dry mouth, or “xerostomia.”

As a registered dental hygienist, I need to see evidence-based research before jumping on any bandwagon, and I found more than enough to earn my seal of approval on all Oral Essentials products. According to studies, the Oral Essentials original formula was specially tested against Chlorhexidine Gluconate, the gold standard of mouth rinses that treat periodontal disease, and tested equally effective.

It was also tested against top brand names and was found to be as effective or better than names like Sensodyne, Crest and the aforementioned Biotene in various categories. If you would like to see the evidence for yourself you can visit their studies webpage.

They are 100% natural!

No chemicals, no fillers, no harmful binding agents, no surprises. The only surprise to me was how effective these products actually were, and how good they tasted. After tasting other “all natural” products, I was relieved to find out that these products didn’t taste like dirt.

Surprise! Our mouths are connected to our bodies

In other words, there is an “oral-systemic link.”This topic deserves its own blog post, but for now, here’s some food for thought: whatever we put in our mouth is absorbed within seconds- 26 to be exact –so the ingredients we put in our mouths are vital to our overall health. So, if a product advertises itself as “natural” it’s always best to double-check. Oral Essentials makes it easy, excluding ingredients like alcohols and dyes.

Whiten with Zero sensitivity and no burning of the gums

This was a game-changer for me. I’ve tried several at-home whitening methods and each one would burn my gums and make my teeth sensitive. Even after several hours of wear, I didn’t experience any burning or sensitivity -something I expected from a product that doesn’t contain bleach. What I didn’t expect was the quality of whitening, which was notably better than any other at-home kit I’ve tried.

Word on the street is that the Oral Essentials whitening strips can even help remove stain from fixed crowns and bridges.

Vogue says “buy it now”

Oral Essentials will eventually be available in stores

Until then, you can get these products online via the Oral Essentials website, Amazon store, and through select dental offices.

There is one for everybody

From dry mouth to periodontal disease and whitening, Oral Essentials has it covered. They even have an option for kids!

Written by Shelby Hollinger, RDH