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Dr. Kelly Halverson DDS FAGD -  - Biological Dentist

Dr. Kelly Halverson DDS FAGD

Biological Dentist & Dentist located in Richardson, TX

Most men and women don’t realize how important diet and nutrition are for good oral health. Kelly Halverson DDS FAGD, a general and biological dentist in Richardson, Texas, takes an integrative, whole-person approach to treat and educate patients of all ages in the North Dallas area about the vital connection between nutrition and oral health. For the most complete, biological oral care and expert dentistry to meet your individual needs, call the office or schedule a consultation online.

Biological Dentistry Q & A

What is biological dentistry?

Biological dentistry begins with your overall health and wellness. Like other types of integrative, patient-centered health care, biological dentistry considers many factors to form a clear picture of your oral health. To prescribe the most effective care for your teeth and gums, Dr. Halverson treats you as a whole person.

She assesses how your health history, hereditary factors, existing health conditions, and diet affect your teeth. She strives to bring your whole body into balance because of the significant connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. Dr. Halverson helps you recognize how your mouth relates to the rest of your body, including infections that begin in your mouth and affect other systems and organs.

What can I expect at a biological dentist?

Biological dentists like Dr. Halverson strive to improve your health, your appearance, and your well-being. She and her dental team treat each person as an individual, and they care about relieving any anxieties or discomfort associated with your dental treatments. They take an integrative approach to managing your conditions and educating you about dietary changes that can help improve oral and overall health concerns.

Dr. Halverson’s practice is a mercury-safe, meaning they don’t use mercury amalgam fillings since they are toxic if left in your mouth. If you have existing mercury fillings, Dr. Halverson works with you to develop a treatment plan for safe removal and replacement with safer materials.

As a biological dental practice, they also use biologically compatible restorative materials for all dental work, and they work with labs that are conscientious about limiting heavy metals and toxins in their products. Furthermore, the practice is moving toward becoming fluoride-free, since fluoride can have some adverse health effects.

Does a biological dentist still prescribe necessary medications for dental issues?

Yes, Dr. Halverson’s mission is to provide exceptional treatment, compassionate care, and a variety of modalities to heal your mouth and your body as a whole. She may combine modern technologies with medications to combat infection or disease and then educate you about the benefits of self-rejuvenation, such as lifestyle and dietary changes, or other natural healing methods for long-term management.

If you’d like a more comprehensive, individualized approach to your family’s dental care, biological dentistry can provide that solution. Call the Richardson, Texas, office or schedule an appointment online today.