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Monica Satterwhite, Functional Health Coach

Monica Satterwhite is a functional health coach, adjunct college professor, certified personal trainer, Lyme, EBV, and traumatic brain injury overcomer with over 30 years of experience in the integrative health field. She helps clients just like her overcome their crazy health issues, aches, pains, and traumas with patience, love, encouragement, and Jesus! 

Monica began her interest in the health space as a young child struggling with gut health issues and traditional medicine doctors’ only option was to remove her colon. After working with a naturopath and uncovering food sensitivities, she was able to change her diet and restore her health. As a teenager, she broke her leg in a skiing accident which took eight surgeries over 10 years and extensive physical therapy and mindset work to "Stay out of a wheelchair by the time she was 30".

These experiences launched her desire to seek degrees in the health field. Fast forward to her 40s, Monica started struggling with unexplainable extreme abdominal pain and fatigue, landing in ERs and over 20 clinics across the country - where she received no answers but "Everything is normal". She then started doing deeper dives into holistic and integrative medicine to figure out how to help herself and others struggling with the same issues. 

Monica started in family practice and wellness medicine in the early 90s working with patients struggling with cardiovascular, diabetes, and metabolism issues, coaching corporate executives and their families on optimizing wellness while living abroad, and designing and running corporate wellness facilities and programs for Fortune 500 companies. 

Since her move to rural North Texas in the early 2000s, she focused more on increasing her knowledge and certifications in the functional and holistic health world. She has expanded her health coaching practice to help clients struggling with autoimmune diseases, endocrine disruption, chronic viruses, fatigue, Lyme, and cancer. She believes in a root cause approach to help clients uncover clues and restore balance from a faith-based perspective. She coaches several integrative and chiropractic clinics in the North Texas area. 

When she is not coaching clients, she enjoys spending time at the lake with her husband, three kids and their families, and her black lab, Shadow.


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